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  • Provide a native mobile platform for your customers.
  • Bring your brand image to the most popular devices.
  • Deliver a fast and beautiful experience for those on the go.
  • Make it big with the next Angry Birds or WhatsApp.
Contact Information
The email, phone number, or Skype handle of the main contact(s) for this project.
App Description
A high level overview of the application you want developed. If there is an existing App that needs to be signigicantly updated, please include information about that project. Make sure to mention any features that depend on specific hardware capabilites (eg. accelerometer, GPS, motion sensor, etc).
Describe the desired development timeline of the application. This includes a start date and expected completion date. This is intended to be a flexible estimation that will be further negotiated on.
Budget (if necessary)
If there is a rigid budget for the project, it's always good to know before getting too deep into development.
Apps in House is not accepting contracts at this time.